Cocktail Toppers

Looking to make a lasting impression on your guests? Read on to learn about Mambo’s cocktail toppers.

Cocktail toppers are the most requested upgrade of 2023 and it’s not difficult to see why. Choose from personalized options, flowers and even bubbles. Or don’t choose, have them all! You’ve chosen a bar and carefully crafted every aspect of your event to fit a theme – it makes sense to continue it right through to the smallest details.



Personalized cocktail toppers

These toppers can be used as marketing tool or to add an element of fun. Perfect for corporate branding, product launches, trade shows and exhibitions. A company logo atop an expertly crafted cocktail will go a long way to keeping your brand in people’s minds.

Throwing a birthday party? Why not print the big 4-0 on every available surface to remove doubt from partygoers minds, or choose photos of the guest of honour from past eras (embarrassing or not, you can decide!).

Engagement parties, weddings, anniversary parties, vow renewals – combine the happy couples initials with the wedding date for a beautiful welcome drink to wow your guests.

Throwing a hen do? The bride probably won’t be expecting photos of her partners face on her Pornstar Martini .

Our cocktail toppers are formed from a potato starch based product, which is a by product of potato processing. Free from the 14 main EU allergen groups, they are free from flavour and aromas so have no impact on the taste or scent of your chosen drink. These work best on a foamy cocktail and we recommend avoiding heavy dark backgrounds for best results.


Edible flower toppers

Presentation of cocktails is key and edible flowers are a great way of elevating your drink. Flowers can be dried or fresh and provide a full sensory experience.

Visually, the delicate petals floating in the liquid add interest. As you bring the drink towards you’ll notice the delicate aroma which compliments the drink. Finally the subtle flavour each bloom imparts upon the cocktail will enhance the flavour profile of the drink.


Bubble gun toppers

Our bubble cocktail toppers have been a firm favourite since the autumn and guests at our bars absolutely love them.

The gun deposits delicate bubbles of smoke which sit atop your cocktails (potentially hiding another surprise in the form of a personalised cocktail topper as SHEIN opted for with their guests), when popped they disperse into vapour clouds.

If bubble toppers aren’t suitable the gun can also create fragrant mists and smoke infusions. These add to the sensory experience and are guaranteed to create a buzz at the bar.

If you’re thinking of hosting an event, check out our packages page or get in touch today to start your cocktail journey with us.

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