Bubbles – reimagined

Have you seen our bubble gun?

If you’ve watched any of our social media stories over the last week you’ll have noticed we have a new favourite bar item….

The bubble blaster gun is the perfect addition to your event. Theatrics and scents combine to increase guest engagement and create cocktails guaranteed to generate a buzz at the bar and on your social media.

The bubble blaster gun produces delicate bubbles of smoke that sit atop your chosen cocktails and disperse into vapour clouds when popped.

We’ve blogged before about how important garnishes are in a cocktail due to the huge part that smell plays within the tasting experience. The bubble blaster allows us to elevate that concept and play with cocktail flavours on a new level; taking the classics and adding a Mambo twist with a dose of drama.

The wide range of scents available pair perfectly with many of our favourite cocktails. If a bubble isn’t suitable the blaster can also be used to create fragrant mists and smoke infusions.

Add the bubble blaster to your package and stand out from your competitors at trade shows. Wow your wedding guests during cocktail hour and blow the minds of your friends and family at private gatherings.

Looking for maximum impact for your event? Combine the dry ice and bubble blaster options and create Mambo’s Mucho Theatre. Standard Mambo 5 star service with a good dose of entertainment on top. 

 contact us for more information and cocktail ideas. 


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