2019 Mambo wedding mobile cocktail bar hire VS catering

Mambo Wedding mobile cocktail bar hire VS catering 10 kick-butt reasons on why you should choose us, here why we win hands down.

So you choose your venue and they have availability for the date you want. BOOKED

The venue you chosen is a field and you found a marquee company available. BOOKED

Caterer (The foodie ones). BOOKED Flowers BOOKED Oh the ceremony (I almost forget) BOOKED The live band you love so much to play your tunes. BOOKED Cake. BOOKED Shall I have written before about the dress? BOOKED Well you almost there, all BOOKED, or almost everything.

Then you realise there is no bar or there is a bar provided by your venue or marquee but there is no staff, probably at this point your caterer offered to do the bar for free, just pay for the drinks… and you are thinking, “oh yes that would be easy, one company to do both jobs, I am sure it will be fine”, and we are thinking, “you have spent so much time caring about every single detail about your wedding day, why would you leave the bar out? Isn’t the bar after all where your guests will spend most of their time after the wedding breakfast? You want to impress them right?”

Time to kick-ass, here’s why you should choose Mambo wedding mobile cocktail bar hire :

  1. You can hire us knowing that we are bar pros and we’ll take care of the smallest details, from the quality of the cocktails at the wedding reception, to a chilled sherry for grandpa, or a fun Mocktail for the children, you don’t want to leave anybody behind 🙂
  2. You can hire 5 different style of bars to suit your wedding theme, vintage or modern, we have it all, and because we are used to work with our own bars we can offer a super speedy service.
  3. You can choose the cocktail menu that you love, and we can design cocktails to go with your theme.
  4. You can save lots of time with us, we can take care of all the licensing and all that boring stuff.The number of the stars in our service. 🙂
  5. You can hire everything and you provide all the drinks.
  6. You can provide your own drinks and we’ll be more then happy to serve them for you, that’s what a 5 star service is about.
  7. You can be sure we know our drinks and your guest will be served the highest standard of drinks.
  8. You will have fun, weddings are fun, and cocktails are too, we say no to staff overcrowded bars with lots of beer pumps serving cheap beers and wine.
  9. We work with lots of caterers, and they know the difference between a specialised wedding mobile cocktail bar hire and the rest, one of them is Thomas the Caterer, we love working with these guys.
  10. We don’t just stand there, we are entertainers, toss drinks, set them on fire, shake, muddle, have a dance, we become part of the party.

If you like us to make your wedding day even more awesome, get in touch today on 08450563953 or request a call back and book Mambo wedding mobile cocktail bar hire !!!


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