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Gin Martini

A evergreen classic gin cocktail.

Glass Chilling

Don't want a drink in a warm glass do you?

Hibiscus Fizz

Hibiscus syrup and flower topped with Prosecco.

Maple Daiquiri

Rum, lime and Maple syrup, so simple yet sooooo goooood


Perfect for morning or midweek bar for any event!

Long Bramble

Gin, lemon, sugar, Cassis topped with Prosecco. A Mambo own twist.

Mega Bloody Mary

Classic Bloody Mary served with smoked salmon, Parmesan and chorizo sticks.

Honey Daiquiri

We come up with all sorts of Daiquiris, this time it's honey instead of sugar.

Dirty Martini

Olive brine and gin, the boss's favourite.

Lab Martini

Dry ice and magnetic stirred blue Martini.


Whisky, sweet vermouth and the most delicious Luxardo cherry. Yum yum yum!

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