5 star service and the power of “don’t”

5 star service

Here at Mambo mobile bars and bartender hire we get always lots of 5 star reviews on Google or Facebook about all the good things we do for our clients at their events, but this time we want to tell you what we don’t do, because sometimes is what we don’t do that is good:



Use pre mixed drinks.

Serve drinks in jugs but freshly prepare them.

Charge for set up and breakdown but pay only for service.

Charge for the glassware if you buy the drinks from us.

Stand behind the bar thinking what’s on your side is not our job, but get involved to help.

Let wondering what time are we arriving at your venue, but keep you updated with text.

Leave a mess, but clean and tidy up as we found it.

Act too seriously, we have fun serving you professionally.

These are only some of many 5 star we don’t, why don’t you find out by yourself and get in touch today on 08450563953 and book a 5 star service and the power of don’t .


Speak soon (we hope)


Mambo Team

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