Top tips on designing your own boutique bars

Boutique bars that are perfect for your event can be found at Mambo Mobile Bars.

Mambo has a variety of bar styles available to hire as well as the option to design your own boutique bars using the bar configurator.

When designing your boutique bars there’s lots to consider.


  • What is the style of the venue? Do you want to create a cohesive look with a similar vibe or choose drama with a totally different feel? The bar frontals on the Portabar are magnetic so transformations take seconds.


  • How much space is there for a bar? Bear in mind space is also required for stock, equipment and mixologists.


  • Is the bar going to be the main feature of the space? Is there space for a shaped bar or will a straight run fit the room better? Considering what else the area needs to accommodate will help decide the bar shape.


  • How many guests will be in attendance? Mixologist numbers are based on guest numbers which will also impact on bar size.


The boutique bars you choose for your event are only part of the overall experience. A sophisticated styled bar is only as good as the cocktails it serves; so choose your mixologists wisely.

Choose a well established company with 1000s of events under their belts.

Pick a company with 5 star high energy reliable professional mixologists.

Select the company who create bespoke menus for you.

Opt for hand crafted cocktails using syrups made in house.

Get in touch with Mambo today to start planning your boutique bars for your next event.

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