Festive mixologist events – made better with Mambo

Seasonal mixologist events can be enhanced with Mambo’s unique blend of five star service and handcrafted bespoke drinks menus.

Speaking of drinks menus, what are our favourites for mixologist events at this time of year? Read on for inspiration for your next festive party…


Snowball Fizz – for retro 80s Christmas vibes, because 80s Christmas’ were everything. From needing to read the TV guide to make sure you didn’t miss an iconic movie to coloured Christmas lights (that gave off a scary amount of heat!)  and foil ceiling decorations. The Argos catalogue – need we go on? Babycham anyone?!

Our Snowball Fizz combines Advocaat with another Christmas classic – dry sherry. Add a splash of lime and top with Prosecco to get the festivities started.


Christmopolitan – Take one classic cocktail and add a hint of holiday cheer with the inclusion of amaretto. This beautifully balanced drink is perfect to enjoy with friends at a Christmas party or whilst snuggled up at home with a cheeseboard and a movie.


Mulled Wine – Wine, but better! It is officially the season to mull things, wine, cider, apple juice! It doesn’t matter – get some spices in it and heat it up! You’ll find oranges, lemons, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon and even spiced rum in our batches so it’s not to be missed!



Liking the sound of our favourites? Get your 2024 mixologist events booked in now! If you can’t wait for the mulled wine then head to the Nordic Bar at Derby’s Market Place – open until New Years Eve.

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