Drink Trends 2021 – Rum

What will we be drinking in 2021? Gin has enjoyed continued popularity across the globe in recent years but is it about to be overtaken?

Rum is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s favourite spirits. It looks set to be even more popular in 2021.

People are used to seeing rum behind the bar in the form of Bacardi or Captain Morgan but in truth there are hundreds of brands available.

As the popularity increases people become more interested in content over cost. Origin becomes important and the age of the rum can command a premium price.

What is rum and how do we drink it?

Rum is an alcoholic drink created by fermenting and then distilling molasses, or sugarcane.

White rums can be filtered after aging to remove colour and are typically flavourless, if not slightly sweet. A white rum is a cocktails best friend and is the base for daiquiris and mojitos.

Dark rum is made from caramelised molasses. It is generally aged longer in barrels which give a stronger flavour. Dark rum is typically consumed neat. It can be enjoyed with a mixer, and the Dark and Stormy is a popular cocktail.

Gold rums are the mid-point between white and dark. They gain their colour and flavour from barrels. Something of a halfway house between their light and dark counterparts with complex flavours, these are typically drunk on their own but can add a refined edge to a cocktail.

Spiced varieties are just that and often include cinnamon, aniseed, pepper and cardamon.

Flavoured rums are increasing in popularity. These tend to be fruity and typically lower in alcohol content. Tropical flavours such as banana, mango and pineapple are widely available.

Overproof rums are available and have a higher alcohol content.

How do you drink yours? Need inspiration? Check our our cocktails here (spiced mojito anyone?)

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