bespoke cocktail menus

At Mambo we don’t believe in restricting you with pre determined cocktail menus.

We know each event is different so we give you the freedom to create bespoke cocktail menus 

Not sure where to start with creating your bespoke cocktail menus? Read on for our top tips!

Consider your event:

Is it a corporate event with branding opportunities? We can rename drinks to incorporate your brand, add your logo to your bespoke cocktail menus and even consider drink colours which may reflect your branding. Not to mention bar branding and cocktail toppers.

Wedding menu? Consider making one of two of the cocktails the ‘couples choice’ or rename drinks to fit your theme and make it personal.

Serving food? Consider how the two might pair, it’s easy to create a menu that perfectly complements your meal.

Consider your audience:

If they’re close friends and family you’ll probably have a clearer idea if their drink preferences match yours. For more generic events it’s a good idea to have a range of flavours to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Offer alcohol free alternatives, we provide Nozeco and non alcoholic beer as standard and many of our cocktails translate into mocktails beautifully.

Feeling the need to taste before you decide? Come and make some pour decisions with us! An opportunity to try your favourite drinks and have us create some new options based on your preferences – think outside the box, be open to new ideas and trust us!

There’s plenty of inspiration for your bespoke cocktail menu on our drinks page on our website, to get the ball rolling with planning your event get in touch today!

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