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Alcohol free requests for events are becoming more popular. So we’ve shaken things up Mambo style and now offer a complete premium package completely free of alcohol.

Alcohol free – There are many reasons why people may decide not to drink alcohol. Ranging from personal to religious, and thankfully we’re seeing a decrease in judgement around that decision. With Mambo’s new packages it is possible to create an event with all the fun of a ‘standard bar’ and none of the hangovers! Guaranteed!

We’ve worked our way through a range of alcohol free spirits. We can ensure that we’re bringing you the highest quality offerings on the market. Often made using the same methods, equipment and ingredients, we can confidently say you’ll be amazed by the selection we’ve curated. Curious? Why not give it a try?

Our non alcoholic packages have raised the bar. Wanting more variety than our handcrafted mocktails made from the freshest ingredients? Add our alcohol free spirits and their chosen mixers to your event.

Our range of bottled beers and ales has been extended. We now offer alcohol free varieties from various suppliers.

Nozeco is perfect for those who are a fan of bubbles. We can supply zero alcohol wine for those guests who prefer a glass of red, white or even rose!

This package is available as a mocktails only package or a mixed package where you can provide your guests with alcohol free spirits & mixers, wine & beer too for maximum flexibility.

Perfect for every event regardless of day or time, we guarantee our five star service as standard.

Get in touch today and start planning your next event!


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