2022 Wedding Bar Trends

Wedding bar trends – As the industry starts it’s planning for 2022 weddings let’s take a look at emerging trends…

Mambo love planning a wedding bar, they are a lot of work but meeting couples and creating their dream bar is a lot of fun!

What 2022 wedding bar trends are we starting to see?

Personalised drinks – always a must at Mambo. Be that creating a bespoke arrival drink for your guests that truly sums up the pair of you as a couple or choosing your personal favourites to go behind the bar. Even renaming the classics to fit with your theme. It’s a great quick way to add a personal twist to your big day.

Mocktails – most cocktails can be converted to a non alcoholic equivalent. Mocktails are a great way to make kids/non drinkers/designated drivers feel more included. Tastier than a standard orange juice or coke too!

Classic cocktails – in recent months we’ve noticed an increase in the classics making their way onto people’s cocktail menus in general. This will undoubtedly extend to the wedding sector. Old Fashioned, Negronis and French 75s are all making a comeback currently. And why not, they’re great additions to any event.

Darker spirits – in colder months we’re seeing warmer drinks hit menus. Why not welcome your guests with a hot toddy for a winter wedding? Switch out a sugar syrup for a cinnamon one and bring the heat that way, there are plenty of ways to adapt summer classics to alternative seasons.

If you haven’t booked your wedding bar yet get in contact us to see if we can help, if you need more drinks inspiration check out our drinks page.

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