What is a Mixologist?

The terms ‘Bartender’ and ‘Mixologist’ can often be confused with one another and recently here at Mambo’s we have found ourselves being asked what’s the difference?

Mixologists practice mixology and bartenders tend the bar. A bartender will know which ingredients are used in a certain cocktail; a mixologist will know why they’re used.

To become a mixologist, you have to study the art of cocktail making, experiment with new recipes and develop evolving techniques that many have never seen before. As mixologists, here at Mambo’s we continuously craft cocktail menus for the season, event or establishment as well as prepare any house-made syrups, tinctures, bitters or other ingredients that a bartender will need for service.

It is a mixologists role to select the ingredients that will go behind the bar whilst ensuring they are all high quality and suited to the chosen event or venue. Most of the work mixologists do happens before the guests arrive.

Comparing this to a bartender, their main focus is their guests. It is the bartenders’ responsibility to ensure all guests feel welcome, entertained and attended to. The bartender is sometimes relied on to be a friend or companion to a customer at the bar alongside making delicious drinks for guests and utilizing the recipes and ingredients prepared by the mixologist.

Bartenders and mixologists work together simultaneously and complement each others work brilliantly. Here at Mambo, our chief mixologist, Thomas, not only crafts tailored cocktail recipes for your event, but is also on hand to be your bartender for the evening.

Thomas’ experience from travelling the world and working in the hospitality industry from a young age has meant he does not shy away from inventing surprising, quirky recipes and draws on his worldwide inspirations regularly.

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