Wedding Cocktail Trends for 2019

Behind the bar, we’re no longer mixing drinks with a hundred different ingredients, exotic fruit juices and an obligatory paper umbrella. Instead, we find people are looking for the more proper vintage style cocktails. These drinks have a bit more glamour, featuring 3 or 4 ingredients with lots of room for an unusual twist. Cocktails like these are elegant to drink and have flavour in abundance. We find these are the types of cocktails being asked for more and more at the weddings and parties that we attend.

We love creating vintage cocktails and using the classic cocktail recipes that have been enjoyed for years. One of our most popular classic cocktails is the Old Fashioned, which is one of the oldest cocktail recipes around. Using our mixology skills we have created our own version of the Old Fashioned. Chief mixologist Thomas infused whiskey with bacon, created a toast-flavoured syrup and lo and behold, the Old Fashioned Bacon Butty was born. It’s this type of twist on an original vintage recipe that is bringing classic recipes to the modern market. Fancy having this type of cocktail at your wedding? It would really get your guests talking.

So what other classic cocktails would work well at your wedding? Gin is obviously a popular choice, so gin-based cocktails always get a great reaction. A Negroni is another super popular cocktail that is being asked for on a regular basis and one we are starting to see appearing on mainstream cocktail menus more and more.

Its clear that people are starting to want more quality and fewer gimmicks from their drinks and these vintage inspired cocktails really hit the mark. Their elegance and style also means that they look great and fit in well with a wedding celebration.

If you would like to talk to us about having cocktails with style at your wedding, get in touch here.

We are based within Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire, but we can and do provide mobile cocktail bars across the UK.

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