Old’s cool bar service adapted to new times.

Adapting the bar service but old school cause old’s cool.

We all know when the lockdown will be lifted cocktail parties like many other things won’t be the same, so we have been thinking few things that need adapting to make things easier and better for you and for our team.

Adapting is very important of course, but also it is to be able to keep the old ways, some of them can’t be left out, good service with a smile and safety first!

Has you know we only want to offer the best for your events, so we partnered with Eco Hydra and we’ll create sanitising stations in our bars for our teams and also for you.

We will do our best:

  • Keep all surfaces clean and sanitised with anti bacteria.
  • Hand washing and hand sanitisers at the ready.
  • One use Vegetable compostable glassware.
  • One use paper straws.
  • Keep the staff numbers as low as possible.
  • Limiting the bar staff to the bar area and no glass collectors.
  • Use gloves when needed.
  • Create a side ‘grab your drink station’ away from bartenders.
  • Comply with venue rules as directed by the government.

Let’s be honest, we all want a party, and once the lockdown is lifted, what is safer and more fun than a house party?

Get in touch now hello@mambomobilebars.co.uk or call us on 07723496135

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