Mambo and the environment

Cocktails are important. The environment is more important. Mambo often need to supply an alternative to glassware, single use plastic is not the one! Choose us and choose Vegware…

Mambo’s first choice is Vegware. Available in a variety of designs we think these plant based ‘glasses’ are brilliant.

There are many events and situations where it isn’t feasible to supply glass for a bar, but single use plastic isn’t the solution either. The plant based material used to create all of vegware’s food and drink range is certified food safe and biodegradable. Amazingly under the right conditions it breaks down at the same speed as paper.

The vegware range is fully compostable where there is access to industrial composting sites. Even if the items end up in general waste once used they are still better for the environment than single use plastic. If burnt they give off heat (studies have found they give off more heat than paper, wood or food waste). If sent to landfill they do not give off methane. From a production point of view they have less of a carbon footprint than their plastic counterparts to begin with.  Couriers can also be arranged to send used vegware to food waste plants to be turned into energy,

If you think your event is a prime candidate for a mambo cocktail and a more environmentally friendly drinking vessel contact us today!

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