How to Choose Wedding Drinks

Choosing your wedding drinks can be a pretty daunting task, especially when you are inviting all of your loved ones to celebrate with you. We understand you want to ensure everyone enjoys their day at your wedding celebration.

There is a lot to think about when choosing drink options for your wedding. As with everything else you will be choosing for your big day, you will want to make sure everyone is catered for and there is plenty on offer. We are sure you will want to feel that it fits in with your style of celebration and also represents you as a couple.

With all of these things in mind, we have a guide below which outlines some of the key points to think about when looking at your wedding drink menu.

Arrival Drinks

Bubbles! Prosecco is the perfect choice for wedding celebrations. Many guests do not notice the difference between Champagne and Prosecco and so this is where you can reduce costs with arrival drinks and save money within your budget to spend a little more on the other drinks within your wedding day menu.

If you are wanting to add colour or flavour into your big day, you can do this by simply adding some peach puree to a Bellini, strawberries to a Rossini or you could try a fruit sorbet served in a wine glass with Prosecco poured over it.

To cater for guests that won’t be drinking alcohol, a flavoursome cloudy lemonade will fit the bill.

Table Drinks

Here at Mambo we have a wine expert that can help you with your choice of drink to ensure it suits your menu. Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot are definitely the most popular and drinkable at the dinner table. During the summer we advise to chill white wine on ice and ensure the red wine is in a cool place until serving. Remember, red wine is at it’s best when at room temperature. However, if you are using the services of Mambo, we can ensure all of your wine is at the perfect temperature to be enjoyed just as it should be.

To Toast

Again, we would advise Prosecco here. Aside from it being great value, its popularity has grown recently and people really do prefer to drink this instead of Champagne. If you decide to purchase one of Mambo’s wedding packages we will ensure each glass is filled right to the top. Although, general advice would state that only half a glass is needed for the toast.

Evening Reception

As you may or may not know, we are cocktail wizards! We have years of experience and can cater for all needs. As well as cocktails, we serve spirits with mixers, soft drinks, wines and beers. Our beers are bottled, and you need to trust us with this one! From years of experience, draught beer systems and mobile bars do not mix! The systems become overheated when moved and we cannot deliver consistency. Our standards are very high and if a product is not meeting these standards, we do not provide it. Simple as that! Real ale is very different and we are happy to provide that on your big day.

Whatever you choose for your evening bar with Mambo, it will be fully stocked with a wide variety of drinks to suit all tastes.

Hopefully, this has helped you become a little clearer on what drinks you need to provide on your wedding day. However, it really is your choice. So if you feel you would like to welcome your guests with a cocktail, why not? Maybe a bottle of beer during dinner? Sure thing. By choosing Mambo we will help you do wedding drinks your way!

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