What is a Mobile Bar?

You may have never considered the need for a ‘pop up’ or mobile bar before. That is, until, you are planning a special occasion; whether that be a wedding or another celebration where you are inviting lots of people and need access to refreshments, and not just any refreshments; outstanding wines, beers and cocktails are our specialty and really add a wow factor to any event.

In recent years, the range of locations for holding weddings, celebrations and parties has grown and expanded in variation. We get asked to host our pop up bars at a whole range of weird and wonderful places. Most of these places do not have their own bar available, which is where a mobile bar becomes essential.

Take a tipi wedding or party, for example; there are no bar or catering facilities that are naturally ‘on site’ so it’s essential that you get in an external company that can provide great quality drinks to your guests. Getting a professional pop up bar for this kind of event will help you to relax and enjoy the event whilst leaving things such as licenses, serving people and cleaning up to the team you have hired.

You may decide to hire a pop-up or mobile bar because you are hosting an event in a location that doesn’t have the right facilities. Office parties, promotional events and parties held at home are all great examples of when a pop up bar will work well.

We have provided amazing mobile bars for a huge variety of events in the past. Here are a few to give you an idea of the type of events pop up bars work well at.

If you would like to talk about your mobile bar options, just give us a call on 08450563953 or email hello@mambomobilebars.co.uk and let’s organise the ultimate party!

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