Fool Proof guide of how to choose your wedding drinks

You got the date sorted – tick

You got the venue – tick

You got the caterer, the florist, cake, musicians, – tick tick tick tick tick

You got the mobile bar (of course it’s us!)

Now you have to choose your wedding drinks and you are not sure what everybody wants, well choose what you like and they should like it too. 🙂

Arrival drink has got to be a bubbly, Prosecco is perfect for celebration, taste good and it doesn’t break the bank like Champagne, and I promise you they won’t notice the difference, and if you like to add a bit of colour and flavour simply add some peach puree for a Bellini, strawberries for a Rossini maybe with a drop of good Balsamic Vinegar, or what about a fruit sorbet served in a wine glass with Prosecco poured all over it? yum yum yum. If you have guest that don’t drink just use some nice cloudy lemonade instead and they will still look like they are drinking the business and feel nothing less.

Sit down and you have table wine and water, this we can help you with the choice, we have a wine expert that can help you with the choice and merry your food with your wine, if you prefer to buy it yourself we suggest Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot, by far the most popular and drinkable, if is summer time and warm chill the white on ice properly and keep the red in a cool place, remember red wine is supposed to be drunk room temperature (14-16 degreees).

To Toast Prosecco is again the winner, remember for the toast you normally pour half a glass so you won’t need as much as the arrival drink, but when you get the package from us we serve a full glass, top quality and value!

The evening reception as you know we are cocktails wizards, but we also serve the full business of spirits with mixers, soft drinks, wines and beers. Beers. So many times we get asked about beers and draught, and the answer is, sorry we don’t draught, as much as you and your guest like draught beer we believe that the consistency and the quality of selling bottles is way better then over heated draught beer systems which keeps being moved and getting over heated and also cost you money to hire, bottled beer cost you nothing extra, just he bottle itself. Real ale? Yes of course we can do the barrel, but that is simple, collect it on the day fresh, cover it with a cold blanket and sell it straight from the barrel on the day, if only lager was the same we would serve it as well, but hey…. and the cocktails are another story, cocktails are fun, are fresh and what a best way to celebrate your big day with bespoke cocktails designed just for you! Everybody loves them!


We hope this helps you in choosing what drinks to go for on your big wedding day or in choosing us with one of our popular packages.


If you have any doubt or need help, just drop us a line or call us on 08450563953


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