Tequila – it makes me happy!

Discard that salt pot and lime wedge and read on for other ways to enjoy the national drink of Mexico – Tequila.

The spirit can only originate from specific areas in Mexico and is made from agave. It takes between five & twelve years to reach maturity. Once ready it’s harvested by hand, ready for distillation. Although it looks like a cactus it’s actually a succulent. There are 166 varieties but only blue agave can be used to make tequila, the rest makes mezcal.

Tequila can be ‘Blanco’ (clear, after undergoing a second distillation). ‘Reposado’ or ‘Anejo’ (aged in oak to soften the spirit, adding colour and even flavours which can come from the casks previous liquids)

Tequila is increasing in popularity but other than shots how else can be it be enjoyed?

In Mexico it is traditionally served at room temp with a chaser of Sangrita (a combination of orange, lime & pomegranate juice with chilli hot sauce). In bars (and on the roadside!) you will find ‘Cantaritos’.  Salt, lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit juices, a shot of tequila and a dash of grapefruit soda are served in clay drinking pots help keep the drink cold.

Margaritas – not a fan of the traditional version? Add some fruit to make flavoured ones, both blood orange and mango make excellent additions.

Think of yourself as a gin drinker? Try a TnT – tequila and tonic. Switch out the gin and try pairing different tonics with tequila instead to create long, refreshing drinks.

Paloma – pink grapefruit juice and soda give this long cocktail a kick. Perfect for those who like sour drinks.

Fancy drinking your way through some tequila cocktails but don’t want to make them yourself? Look no further than a Mambo bar! contact us today to check our availability.


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