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This month we had the pleasure to meet up with Liz from “MINI ME, cake toppers for every occasion”,  a very talented woman that creates mini me’s cake toppers and miniatures wedding cakes. Absolutely love it!


From Liz:

Hi! My name is Liz and am the face of ‘Mini Me- Cake Toppers for every Occasion.’

My first cake topper was for my own wedding in 2014. I designed and made the topper out of fondant, as I love baking and had decided to make my own wedding cake.  Inspired by the number of compliments I that I received for the topper of my husband and I, I decided to experiment with a more permanent medium and thus the idea of clay toppers was born.

I work in close consultation with my clients to produce personalised cake toppers. Using information and photographs, I will create a model that matches your dress, hairstyle, bouquet and jewellery and any other personal details that you wish. I will pay close attention to colour and detail. Children, babies, pets or small props can be added to your model for an extra cost. I create a lot of wedding day toppers, but can provide toppers for any occasion to meet your requirements.  The wedding toppers come with a hole drilled into the skirt, so that it can be securely attached to your cake.

The clay itself is non-edible and as long as it is not dropped, will provide you with a long lasting keepsake of your special day.

Alongside the bride and groom toppers, I also re-create ‘Mini-Me’ versions of your wedding or celebration cakes, so that these too can be captured in time, long after the final crumbs have been eaten!

If you are interested and would like to enquire about your very own ‘Mini-Me’ please contact me on my Facebook page ‘Mini Me- Cake Toppers for every Occasion’

or at or on 07725089490


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