Sangria – with a Mambo twist

How do I make Sangria is currently a trending query in the UK search engines.

Sangria is in the top five searches alongside making face masks and drawing the Easter bunny. Whilst the UK gets to grips with an Easter in lockdown it’s fairly obvious how the nation intends to spend it.

So since everyone wants to know how to make Sangria here it is. Assemble those glasses!

You will need: A large glass (Copa de Balon will work if you have nothing else), ice (more than you think), a vessel for mixing the ingredients, a strainer.

Strawberries, orange, lemon & mint for garnishing.

15ml brandy

15ml orange curacao

90ml shiraz

30ml orange juice (freshly squeezed is best)

10ml lemon juice (again freshly squeezed if possible)

5ml sugar syrup (easily made at home, see below)

15ml soda to top up

How to make it:

Fill your shaker with ice and stir in all the ingredients apart from the soda. Once combined strain into your ice filled glass and top up with the soda.

Mambo Twist:

Consider switching the brandy for a spiced rum, swap the lemon for lime and enjoy with ginger ale instead of soda for a mambo twist on sangria.

Did you know??? Sangria is usually made in batches, the single serve is known as a sangaree.

Don’t have any sugar syrup? You can make it by dissolving 300g castor sugar in 150ml water over a low heat. Leave it to cool and store in the fridge. In an airtight container it should keep for around 3 to 4 weeks. (The UK sugar syrup calls for a 2:1 ratio of sugar to water, in the USA its commonly made with equal parts sugar and water)

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how to make sangria

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