Planning your cocktail menu

You’ve secured your date, invited your friends and now you need a cocktail menu…

Planning the cocktail menu is often the best part of the party planning, but where do you start?

When you hire Mambo for your event we will work with you to create the perfect cocktail menu to reflect your event.

But how do you choose a cocktail menu? Why do i need a menu? What’s the key to deciding what to serve? How do you please everyone??

A cocktail menu is important for many reasons, it allows us to create a shopping list based on your options. It allows guests to see what their options are. It means a list of ingredients is visible for anyone who may need to avoid certain products.

If your party has a theme consider extending it to the drinks. Tropical beach party? Go for fruity flavours and bright colours with classic Tiki vibes. Consider hiring our tiki glassware package for the full effect…

Tiki glassware available to hire

If your theme is a colour there may be drinks that fit within that scheme due to the ingredients. Alternatively food colouring can be your friend.

Any drinks can be renamed to fit with your idea – take your guests on a trip down memory lane with your drink names. Choose places, people, even pets have been remembered in this way. Want visuals? Opt for our cocktail toppers,

We advise a cocktail menu should have four or five options. Too many choices scare people and not enough options means there is a risk that you will be unable to cater for everyone.

Menu on a budget? Consider using drinks which have similar ingredients, a mojito uses rum, mint, lime & soda. Switch out the soda and pick a fruit – you have a daiquiri. By using a single spirit and a variety of different mixers it is possible to educate your guests on the joys of exploration. Vodka can make cosmopolitans, various martinis or even a Moscow Mule.

Alternatively another popular option is to choose 4 separate spirits and consider offering your guests a rum based cocktail, a tequila one, a vodka and a gin for maximum impact.

Remember it is easy to cater for the non drinkers by adapting the cocktails to mocktails.

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