Party planning with Mambo – What to expect from a five star company

You’ve got your party planning pants on, but what actually happens when you contact Mambo? Our step by step guide will take you through our five star service from initial enquiry to waving us off at the end of a successful event.

Phase One: Enquiry

  • The process starts with you reaching out with your initial enquiry. This can be via our lead contact form on our website, an email, a call or even a Whatsapp. There’s plenty of ways to contact us to make it as easy as possible for you to get on our planning radar.
  • Once we’ve received your request we’ll often give you a quick telephone call. We appreciate not everyone loves a phone chat and it might not always be convenient for you to answer. That’s ok. Our main aim with this is to run through your requirements and make sure we fully understand exactly your event.
  • The next step is us creating a bespoke quotation for you based on the information we have. There are many variables involved with each event so we don’t have a standard price list we send out.
  • Your quotation will arrive in an email. Some providers love to filter us into junk/spam folders so we’ll often text you to make you aware it’s been sent. Around this time we’ll also email you with photos of the bar choices/example cocktail menus. You’ve now got as much information as you possibly can have to make an informed decision.
  • Once you’ve received your quote we’ll give you some time to mull it over. Now’s the time to ask any questions you may have regarding it. No quote is set in stone so if you’d like to make amendments let us know. If we don’t hear from you after a few days we’ll give you a courtesy call to check you’ve seen it and answer any queries you may have.
  • Having trouble deciding which option to proceed with? Book a session at our HQ and make some pour decisions with us.
  • Once you’ve settled on your package hit that pink button on your quote and pay your deposit. Your event is now confirmed and in our calendar!

Phase Two: Admin

  • Next up is the task of deciding on your menu – our cocktail list is extensive so it can be a struggle! We’re on hand to help with suggestions should they be needed. We can create cocktails specifically for your occasion and/or rename them to fit a theme if required.
  • Jen will ask a lot of questions in this phase of event planning – she likes a form. The questions she asks will help ensure the mixologists know what to expect on the day so give her as much detail as you can. A gravel driveway may not register as anything worth mentioning to you but it can play havoc with a bar delivery!
  • it’s getting close now – 2 weeks to go! At this point we ask for any outstanding balances to be paid. We send you a copy of the details we’ve collated so you can sign them off as correct. This document is really important as it contains everything the bartenders need to know from service times, guest numbers, drinks choices etc so please check it thoroughly.
  • A week to go! We’ll be in touch to confirm all the details are correct if we’ve not had confirmation from you. We’ll also double check if there’s any extra’s you want to add.
  • Whilst the office team are busy confirming your event the storage team are polishing glasses, loading up vans with bars and equipment and shopping for the ingredients needed for your event.

Phase Three: The Event

  • On the day we’ll arrive at our pre-arranged time and start unloading. Sometimes we deliver a day or two in advance depending on logistics, where this is the case it’s always agreed beforehand.
  • Set up usually takes an hour or so, we’ll prep everything so we’re ready to serve your guests as soon as the bar opens.
  • The bar is open and the team are doing their thing!
  • The bar has closed, a great event has been had by all. Now we tidy up – if you opted for an all inclusive package we’ll take all the rubbish away with us too. No judgy neighbours when you put the recycling out the following week!

Phase Four: The Aftermath

  • A few days after your event we email you for feedback. You can email it to us directly or leave it on our social media pages. We’re keen to hear how you feel your event went and if there’s anything you think could improve our offerings please let us know.
  • Now you need to find another reason for Mambo cocktails and call us again. Get planning!
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