Our Bars

Vintage Twist

Our unique vintage British steamer trunk bar hire has an eclectic style and adds a bit of ambience to any party. It's not only a bar, but a conversation piece.

  • Vintage weddings
  • Vintage Hen Parties
  • Afternoon Tea Parties
  • Vintage Themed Parties
  • Hire it with the Vintage Boat Bar for extra fun!Item
  • Exclusively designed by Mambo
  • Small to large Vintage wedding and private parties bar hire
  • Brown leather finish with branding options available
  • Wooden apple crates optional to add
  • Vintage lamps and props available to add
  • Serves up to 200 people
  • 1.7m // 3.5m // 5m long
  • 1.7 mt to 5 mt long and 1 mt deep
  • Access to water facilities

Italian Light Cocktail Bar

This is our standard bar hire featuring ultra modern design with inbuilt ambient lighting. Quick and easy to set up, it fits perfectly into any venue.

  • Larger parties
  • Outside events
  • Corporate events
  • LED back bar
  • Hire it with the Airline Trolley for extra fun!
  • Illuminate with your choice of coloured lights
  • Branding options available
  • Fully working professional cocktail bar
  • Serves up to 500 people
  • 4 * 2 mt Curve Bar
  • 2 * 1.2 mt straight Bar
  • 2 * 1 mt Ice Bars
  • Add 6 x 1 Led Back Bar Cubes
  • 10 square metre area
  • Access to water facilities
  • Plug extensions for lighting

Airline trolley shot bar

Unique to Mambo, the Airline Trolley shot bar is perfect to add to the other bars to add a dash of awesomeness, it's a conversation piece.

  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Birthday parties
  • Hen parties
  • Add it to any bars for extra fun!
  • Unique by Mambo
  • Perfect for super fun parties
  • Branding option available
  • Flat even floor

Hexagonal Organic Wooden Bar

Bellissimo hexagonal wooden bar built from vintage potato crates

  • Weddings
  • Corporate
  • Birthdays
  • Stylish events with outdoor feeling
  • Option to add festoon lights
  • Wedding props available
  • Corporate branding options
  • Serves up to 300 guest
  • Each side of the Hexagone is 3 mt long
  • One side of the bar needs to be free for staff to enter and exit the bar
  • Electric plug for festoon lights

Wooden Rustic Bar

Wooden Rustic bar built with upcycled builders plank

  • Natural Rustic Feel bars perfect for outdoor feel events
  • Tipi and outdoor wedding
  • Corporate events with branding optional
  • Private events
  • Wooden apple crate boxes available to add
  • Illuminate with festoon lights optional or vintage lamps
  • 4 * 1.2 mt each section
  • 4 * 1.2 mt each section
  • Electric plug nearby
  • Access to water facilities

Satellite crate bar

Satellite bar made with apple wooden crates, perfect addition for any main bar to give the party an extra twist and letting your guest move around from the main bar.

  • All events
  • Fun to add to any main bar
  • Works perfectly with Wooden bar, Vintage Bar and Hexagonal Bar
  • Each crate is Width: 50cm Height: 40cm Depth: 30cm
  • 48 crates available
  • The crate bar simply require flat flooring.

The Colombo Boat Bar

Unique piece of cocktail history, our wooden Bar was auction by our Boss Tommy on a live BBC TV program in 2016, BBC might as well stand for Boat Bar Colombo!

  • All events
  • Fun to add as a satellite bar for all events
  • Perfect for Titanic style drinks (goes down well with ice)
  • 90 cm deep, 120 cm high, 70 cm wide.
  • Access to electricity and water facilities

Bubby wall

Unique piece for amazing even such as a wedding or corporate bubbly reception!

  • Perfect for any event reception
  • Add a wow factor to your event with a unique bubbly reception
  • Perfect for weddings
  • Can be branded for corporate
  • Holds 80 flutes
  • 221 cm high
  • 240 cm wide
  • 74 cm deep
  • This item can't be carried on stairs or lift, needs to be on ground floor or outdoors!

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