Mocktails to your desk!

Yes you got it right my friend,

Mocktails to your desk, at work! Boom!

So how does it work:

We turn up

one hour in advance to prepare for serving, but we’ll be so quiet you won’t even know we are there.

At Mocktail to your desk o’clock

we unleash all the rolling smoothness of our airline trolley and meanwhile people are still at their desk doing their jobs, we muddle the mint, squeeze the lime, add a splash of juice, scoop in a mountain of ice and there you are, sitting at your desk looking like you are floating on a Pink Flaming in a pool in Ibiza meanwhile you solve your client’s problem.

We (silently) leave  you with a smile.

Nice one. You have done the right choice.

Would like to book it for your office?

Get in touch now on 08450563953 or and let’s bring some deserved fun to your hard working team!

Cheers to that

Mambo Team

Mocktails to your desk