Mocktail, the New Vegetarian! Long live the fruit!

Mocktail, the new Vegetarian! Long live the fruit!

Some of us choose it for a good reason, some choose it because is fashionable and others because they like to be different. How many of us these days become Vegetarian or Vegan? Have you notice how fast the “free from” aisle is growing? If this is good for us or for our planet I am not sure as is not my field and place to say so, but I think this new wave is spreading into the cocktail world in form of Mocktails.

Mocktails have been for a very long time the drink of choice for drivers, teetotallers, children obviously 🙂 and expecting mothers, but now days is becoming fashionable around the world to drink mocktails, that have more or less benefits, folic acid mocktails for pregnancy, high protein for exercise fanatics, high in caffeine for low energy buddies, you name it, there is one for everybody.

Here at Mambo Mobile Bars hire we want to embrace this beautiful wave coming our way offering mocktail mobile bar hire in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Birmingham, London and everywhere in between, because alcohol free doesn’t have to mean boring or flavourless, it can actually be fun, tasty and healthy!

Fancy some damn tasty canapes with your mocktails? Look no further than Thomas! 

See below a couple of super tasty mocktail recipe for you to enjoy… Long live the fruit!


BREAKFAST IN SICILY: Toss in a shaker: 4 basil leaves, 2 tsp of marmalade and 100 ml white grape juice, shake and serve in a wine glass over ice cubes and garnish with pepper and basil. Serve with a slice of buttered toast.


ENDLESS SUMMER: Toss in a shaker a slice of Cantaloupe melon chopped up, 1/4 red chilli, 20 ml fresh lime juice, 15 ml agave syrup. Muddle all ingredients then fill the shaker with ice cubes and 150 ml still water. Serve in a highball over crushed ice with a slice of melon wrapped in Parma ham and 2 red chilli rings.   Next time, is whisky the new High protein shake? Drink, dance and be Mambo. Lotta of love Mambo

vegetarian mocktail

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