Mambox Membership

Mambox Membership – the perfect gift this Christmas for the cocktail lovers in your life.

Or a membership for yourself, (we won’t judge).

Yep, we said Christmas, it’s almost November – we’re allowed to.

Let’s face it, no one wants to trawl the high street this year looking for gifts for the family. So we’ve devised the perfect gift that keeps on giving for the year! The Mambo Membership. And all you need to do is pop along to our shop, add it to your basket and tell us where to send it. Then starting in December (so they have something to enjoy over the festive period) we send them a Mambox. Or a Mambottle if they’re not a fan of making their own drinks and would much rather just open and pour.

In February, when there’s not much to look forward to, listen out for the sweet sound of the next Mambox Membership hitting the doorstep. 2 months after that? The third Mambo cocktail delight arrives, and so on. Every 2 months until you’ve received 6 boxes and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas 2021!

We’ve handpicked our most enjoyed cocktails so there’s something for everyone. And there’s more than one in the box. This is a gift that can most definitely be shared with the extremely generous gift giver!

Memberships are available in both Mambox form (make it yourself) and Mambottle (pre-made).

Be that smug person who’s done with Christmas shopping already, settle down with your own Mambottle as a treat!

Support a small business this Christmas.


membership for christmas

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