Mambo outside – we’ve got you covered (literally with our new gazebos!)

Party with Mambo now and don’t rely on just the cocktails to keep you warm! Gazebo and heater combinations now available to hire.

The joy of living in the U.K is you have no idea what the weather will be like on any given date. This year we’ve sweltered at Easter and now in July I’m wearing a jumper. You have to be prepared for every eventuality here. So Mambo have come to the rescue and quite literally have your party covered. Take the bar outside whatever the weather with our new range of 3m x 3m gazebo options.

A gazebo is a great addition even if the weather is decent. If it’s a scorcher then protection for the bar staff is important and keeping the sun off the garnishes/ingredients helps them to last longer too.  Win win for everyone!

Planning an autumn/winter party? (or it’s just a cold summers night!) add our heater to your party package and ensure guests can spend time outside without freezing. Imagine the welcoming sight of the LED bar glowing in the dark. Leading guests to gin like a moth to a flame. It’s a beautiful picture!

Letting Mambo supply the gazebo means less stress for you. Not needing to borrow one off your neighbour, including the last minute dash to locate the missing bit. There’s no fighting to get it back in the box after. No getting it out and realising it got damaged last time you got annoyed trying to put it away! No people ‘helping’ put it up with you. Just you, enjoying the run up to your party.

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