Mambo Mobile Boxes

Have you seen the new Mambox?

The Mambox is the answer to your night in conundrums. Buy a box and plan your perfect evening, with proper cocktails. Not those rubbish pre-mixed ones, we discussed this already!

Cheaper than a warm cocktail in a dodgy backstreet bar these boxes allow you to relax in the comfort of your own home. No limits on how long you’ve got the table for, no going out in the cold and having to remember to pack your mask for the inevitable toilet trip. Hopefully the table service is quicker at home too!

The boxes come with enough for two cocktails each, for two people. On your own? They’ll store for a couple of days in the fridge. More than two of you? Order more boxes!

Not got any tools? Upgrade to receive a jar, muddler and stirrer. Aiming for a more expert level than that? Treat yourself to the professional cocktail shaker kit. Don’t have the right glasses? You can add them too! You will need to add ice though, we can’t send that (although if you’re really local and collecting we probably can sort you out!)

The Mambox is the perfect treat for yourselves, or for family & friends. And once you’ve got the box? You can get an corresponding online masterclass free! Join us for an hour of cocktail banter, Mambo mobile mixing and skill sharing, invite your friends or make new ones. The masterclasses are advertised on our facebook page but if none suit your box will have instructions on how to create your chosen drinks.

The boxes are available for collection from our office or can be shipped to any UK mainland address (P+P charges apply)

Buy your Mambo Mobile Box from our shop or check out our facebook page for more details.

Use code ‘MAMBO10’ for 10% off in the shop. 

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