Local community – Spring Lakes partnership with Mambo!

Exciting news! Mambo Mobile Bars love to be part of the local community. In our newest project we’re delighted to announce we will be creating a partnership with Spring Lakes in the near future.

Spring Lakes is a watersports and leisure facility based in Long Eaton, Derbyshire.

The local community can now congregate to enjoy many activities on offer at the center. From wake boarding to cycling, open water swimming and paddle boarding. There’s even a custom built beach! And that’s impressive for a landlocked town. Anyone who knows Thomas will not be surprised that this is where he can be found on his days off!

This addition to our town has been embraced by the local community who are clearly enjoying both the exercise and social aspects it provides. Spring Lakes hosts a wide range of activities, therefore meaning it’s popular with both water lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. It even boasts an allocated ‘doggy splash zone’ for the four legged friends that visit which makes it suitable for the entire family.

Despite only opening last summer Spring Lakes has managed a good calendar of events for swimming and even included visits from Santa over the festive period. This coming summer has plans for Triathlon events. Five star reviews are left from all over the country in which their staff are regularly referred to as ‘passionate and friendly’. The repeat visitors praise the clean facilities.

Mambo loves to see other small business succeed, it’s lovely to celebrate their achievements alongside them. We cannot wait to add a mojito or two to the mix at the upcoming events. What would you like to see on the menu? Click here for some inspiration!

See you there!

local community business spring lakes

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