Mambo Cashless Cash Bar

Our Cashless Cash Bar is perfect for events you want guests to buy their own drinks at. 

Mambo’s cashless cash bar is one of our most popular packages, what does it entail? What are the terms and conditions? Why are there terms and conditions? How does a cash bar work?

What is a cashless cash bar?

Our cashless cash bar is a full bar package where guests pay for their own drinks. Payment from 2022 onwards is card only. If your venue doesn’t have a great 4g signal please mention this to Mambo at quotation stage.

How does it work?

You set out the menu in advance and we sell drinks at your event.

What do Mambo supply?

  • We supply the bar (shape, size and style depends on venue size/suitability). You can view them here
  • The staff (a suitable number dependent on your guest numbers to ensure bar service runs smoothly with no super long wait times).
  • All of the glassware – this is plastic as standard but you can upgrade to glassware.
  • The equipment needed to serve the drinks.
  • The stock for the drinks.
  • We also bring the ice and any fresh fruit needed for garnishes.

What does the bar sell? 

The bar sells a full range of wine, spirits & mixers, beer/ale/ciders (bottled as standard), soft drinks, prosecco, (champagne on request), cocktails (chosen by you) and mocktails. We can provide hot drinks on request too.

Which bars can we choose from? 

Typically you have a choice of rustic wooden/vintage/LED bars. You can upgrade to the Portabar for a fee.

Can we have kegs of beer?

As standard we supply bottled beers. We can provide kegs but there are additional charges to hire the pumps and a minimum order of 2 kegs. Anything left over at the end of the event is charged to yourselves at cost price as the kegs have to be returned empty. We don’t supply casks because there isn’t enough time for them to settle before they need to be tapped.

Terms and Conditions:

What are the terms and conditions?  

The terms and conditions are tailored to each event. Typically there is a minimum spend (worked out on bar operating hours and guest numbers) and Mambo have to be the only supplier of drinks once the bar opens.

Why do you have a minimum spend?

We have a minimum spend because we are supplying a full bar for your event and we need to ensure our costs are covered. We are not charging you for bar hire, staff wages, glassware hire, or the stock we have to purchase in advance. A lot of work goes into a cash bar event, from admin and licensing in the run up to the event to setting up (often a day early meaning we have to clear our diary that day too).

What happens if the minimum spend isn’t met?

If you are short of the minimum spend at the end of your event we will use your deposit to make up the shortfall.

Can i prepay for drinks for my guests?

Absolutely – anything prepaid will come off your minimum spend total.


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