Ice Ice Baby

Here’s why you should leave Mambo to bring the ice.

You’ve booked your Mambo bar for your event and opted for the dry hire package. This means that we provide the bar, the mixologist(s) and assistant(s), the glasses and the equipment. We give you a shopping list to provide the cocktail ingredients. Typically this would include the ice but I always advise people to let us supply that for the following reasons:

  • Do you have any idea how much ice 1 cocktail requires? We use it to chill the glass, filled the shaker to chill the ingredients and put fresh in the glass before we pour the cocktail in. A kilo of ice doesn’t go very far. On average 1kg will create 5 cocktails.
  • If your gathering is smaller and has 20 – 30 guests in it they will consume approximately 90 cocktails over a 3 hour session – that’s around 20kg of ice. Do you have freezer space for that amount of ice? Fancy carrying that back from a supermarket with your weekly shop or are you going to make your own? Do you have time to constantly fill ice cube trays/bags?
  • Now imagine it’s a wedding in a tipi with 200 guests. 6 hours worth of drinks will equate to around 1200 drinks. Now you need to store 240kg of ice, maybe more. How are you going to get it to your venue? When will you take it? What will it be stored in?

Mambo use giant coolers to transport and store the ice needed for your event. The coolers are top quality and keep it frozen for longer than your event will last. No needing to free up a freezer ahead of time, no needing to borrow a cooler off every wedding guest to stash it in. Stress free, perfectly chilled cocktails. Every time.


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