HOW TO: make a scrummy iced coffee

Scrummy iced coffee; Mambo style!


Coffee is fuel for life! It gives us the kick we need each day to keep Mambo Mobile Bars in tip-top shape. We start each day with a freshly brewed hot coffee. However, now that summer days are starting (Whoop!), maybe it’s time to mix it up a bit; MAMBO STYLE! Maybe Mambo needs to start mixing up some super scrummy iced coffees to start the day!

Making the perfect Mambo-licious iced coffee needs careful consideration to make sure it’s one of the best damn things you’ve ever tasted! Pouring hot coffee onto ice and calling it an ‘iced coffee’ just doesn’t do it for us Mambo mixologists. It’s all about creating taste perfection! Firstly, pouring hot coffee straight onto ice will result in weaker tasting coffee as the ice dilutes it for you. Secondly, it won’t be cold. Luke-warm coffee isn’t a good thing! It’s all about the ice, ice baby!

Brewing hot coffee and cooling in the fridge first may be acceptable for some, but for Mambo we don’t settle for acceptable, we want the best! Cold-brewed coffee poured onto ice cubes makes the best iced coffee for us here at Mambo Mobile Bars. It may take some time to plan and prepare but it’s worth the wait. There’s no better way of creating a mambo-licious iced coffee with a smooth, rich taste!

Mambo Mobile Bars find a medium roasted bean produces the ideal flavour. Darker roasted beans tend to produce a more bitter flavour so choose your bean to suit your taste buds!

How do we make such perfection? Here’s how we do it at Mambo.

For one cup of scrummy iced coffee:

  • 1/3 cup ground coffee
  • 1 ½ cup cold water
  • Ice cubes
  • 2 containers (one with lid)
  • Metal mesh sieve
  • Tea towel

Place your tasty coffee grounds into a container, and add the water. Give it a cheeky stir to make sure all the coffee contacts the water and seal with a lid. Now here’s where you can go about your day as usual and leave the coffee to brew for a minimum of 8 hours, or longer if you desire. Hard work for those of you who are coffee fanatics but worth the wait!

Once your waiting time is up, it’s time to get busy! Place a metal sieve over an empty container and place the tea towel piece over the sieve. It just needs to be something to help filter out the coffee grounds as they have a wicked, sneaky way of seeping through the metal sieve! Slowly pour your tantalisingly tasty cold-brewed coffee into the sieve as it may take a little while to pass through. (We should remind you, the wait will be all worth it!) You can use a spoon to press the last of the liquid through if it’s taking longer than you can cope with! Once all the liquid is strained, pour the delicious contents over a glass chock-full of ice cube. And there you have it! Iced coffee perfection!

If you’re throwing a relaxed birthday party, a fancy wedding or formal corporate affair Mambo Mobile Bar hire can shake up this scrummy concoction for you. We would even do all the time-consuming preparation so you don’t have to wait an agonising 8 hours for a decent coffee! Just get in touch at…08450 563 953 or drop us an email at at have a peek at what we are up to on Facebook!!!

With Love

Mambo Team



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