Hospitality Hiring from Mambo

Are you a bar that needs help hiring another bar? A hotel who needs help with hiring extras for an event?

Mambo Mobile Bars are able to help other businesses in the hospitality sector in various ways, primarily by hiring our stock to them.

Additional equipment hiring might be required for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons might be last minute ones. This doesn’t phase us, we like to work under pressure! All of our prices include delivery, set up and collection on pre agreed dates and times.

What might you need and how can we help?

We’ve loaned bars to pubs who need to create a new dedicated serving zone. Often for bank holiday weekends for gin festivals and similar events. If you’re enjoying a drink in a marquee in your local and the bar looks familiar you might have seen it at a Mambo event before. In the current climate they are being utilised in new ways to help with social distancing between staff, separating areas of bars for people’s safety. Click here to view our bar options or get in touch with your requirements.

We can train your staff in the art cocktail making and have supplied extra staff on restaurant opening nights to ensure the opening night is a success. You can also hire flair bartenders for special events needing a wow factor.

We’re happy to hire out our glassware to businesses too. We have a wide range of cocktail specific items as well as the standard wine/beer/high ball/rocks varieties.

Contact us with your requirements today and let us see how we can help.

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