Hand Sanitiser or gin??

The world’s hand sanitiser supplies are depleting, distilleries across the globe are putting their skills to new uses.

Gin companies (and other spirits) have stepped forward in the battle against Coronavirus to create hand sanitisers for the vulnerable.

Gin – love it or hate it it’s pretty inescapable. And now thanks to gin hand sanitiser we’re not limited to just drinking it!

There are many in the community who lack access to soap and water in their daily jobs. For these people hand sanitiser is a basic requirement to help stem the spread of Coronavirus. And people are important, they deserve to be protected, right?

Within days the internet was flooded with recipes to create your own hand sanitiser, but most of us aren’t chemists. We can’t create lotions which are good for our skin, and if the alcohol content is too low it’s ineffective anyway.

Step forward distilleries! Gin companies quickly realised they had the skills, the equipment and the alcohol available to them to make a real difference. Due to the size of their operations many of them are able to churn out hundreds of bottles a day. Many of these bottles are given away for free, either to the local community, the most vulnerable or packed off with gin orders as a thank you to customers. The santiser uses botanicals in the same way the gin would for flavouring.

This leap forward by businesses shows how important it is to be flexible, to adapt to the current climate and above all how important it is to look after each other.

And when it’s all over? There’ll be cocktails.

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Stay safe!

Gin Tonic or hand sanitiser

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