Glassware – why is it important?

Glassware – ever thought much about it when pouring your drink?

Glassware takes up a huge amount of Mambos storage area. Cleaning and polishing it takes up a lot of our teams time. But why are there so many options?

The glassware options are important. The way the drink is served has an affect on the taste and your experience of consuming it. You’ve waited patiently for your drink to be made, so it’s important it’s served in the best possible glass to fully appreciate it.

What options does Mambo have for your party glassware?

Wine glasses – Mambo has a variety of wine glasses to allow us to pair them perfectly with your wine offerings.

Copa de Balon – an oversized ballon style gin glass. Perfect for gin and tonics. They have acres of space for ice (more ice melts slower) and the perfect garnish for your optimum g&t.

Champagne flutes – the tall, thin design of a flute helps to keep the drink fizzy for longer. The smaller opening creates a perfect space for the aroma to really build up. This incorporates your sense of smell into the drinking experience.

Martini glasses – martinis require no ice in the glass so these glasses have a long stem which helps prevent body temperate affecting the drink. The iconic cone shape also helps stop the different liquids from separating and ensures your drink stays mixed as it should.

Champagne coupes (sometimes known as saucers) – these encourage a more intense flavour to develop. They are perfect to have lined up in a cocktail tree waiting to greet your guests.

Mason jars – these glasses with handles are perfect for bringing a touch of vintage to your event. Typically used to serve long drinks which require lots of ice and a straw.

High ball – very common glass for cocktails, especially long drinks.These drinks are typically served with plenty of ice and a straw.

Rocks – also known as low ball glasses. Short and wide, they’re perfect for whiskeys and other simple drinks served over ice.

Shot glasses – a must have for those tequilas!

Some of our glasses are also available to hire in plastic form. These suit outdoor events, busier settings and venues where glass is not permitted.

Click here to view our glassware or here to contact us about hiring any.




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