Garden Gatherings Ahead

You’ve synchronised diaries and decided whos garden to sit in…

You’re hoping the weather will at least be dry, but will wear layers and take waterproofs just in case!

You’ve got *hours* worth of things to say, stories to catch up on and memories to share.

You’re secretly hoping someone will offer to fire up the BBQ, maybe bake a cake, but what are you drinking?

Tea and coffee? For your first catch up of 2021 with your favourite people? Maybe some bubbles to toast the occasion? You might fancy yourself as a bit of a mixologist now, you’ve done plenty of cocktail classes over lockdown. got the kit and everything!

You could google simple cocktail recipes or check out Mambo’s ideas gin cocktails or simple vodka drinks and wow your friends, or you could head to Mambo’s shop and save yourself some time and a whole lot of effort. We’ve got cocktails to mix yourself if you do want to shake your stuff, but we’ve also got premixed bottles that just need to be poured over ice.

Why not sit in your English garden this spring, with your friends and enjoy another type of English garden together?


english garden cocktails

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