Frequently Asked Questions

Planning an event? See below for a list of some of our most frequently asked questions…

Do we need a license for our party? If you’re selling the alcohol at the event – yes! These are available from the local council. If Mambo are running a cash bar then we can take care of this for you.

How many bartenders do we need? Mambo has a preferred working ratio of 1 bartender for up to 50 guests. 2 for 100 etc and bar assistants will be recommended as the numbers increase. Cocktails can require extra preparation time so by utilising the ideal number of staff queues can be kept to a minimum.

Do you bring fridges? No, they don’t travel well, we use large coolers and masses of ice instead.

Why does your cash bar have a minimum spend? When you hire a Mambo cash bar we charge a deposit. We don’t charge you for bar hire, glassware or staff hours and we have to purchase the stock ahead of the event too, our minimum spend ensures we can cover the costs involved in running your bar on the day.

What’s the difference between the packages you offer? Our ‘dry hire’ package includes a bartender, a bar, the glassware your event will require, the cocktail making equipment, a cocktail menu and a shopping list we will create for you. You can use this shopping list to make shopping for the ingredients for your party a lot easier. We can supply the ice if you prefer, it can be found in the optional extras section of your quote.

Our ‘all inclusive’ packages contain everything you get in our ‘dry hire’ package plus everything we need to create the drinks for your chosen menu including ice and garnishes. This allows you to relax in the run up to the event knowing we are sorting everything the bar requires.

What about people who don’t drink at the all inclusive packages? Can they pay less? Unfortunately we have no way of monitoring those people who may have paid for a mocktail package who decide on the day they want cocktails or wine and it’s unfair on everyone if anyone were to benefit from cheaper drinks by cheating the system. For this reason we don’t offer mixed pricing for our all inclusive packages.

Which areas do you cover? We’re a mobile bar company so we can travel to pretty much anywhere. We don’t charge for mileage within a 30 mile radius of our HQ in Derbyshire so if you’re further afield we’ll include a travel charge on your quotation.

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frequently asked questions

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