The environment, sustainability and mobile bars

Sustainability is important.

Sustainability; Here at Mambo Mobile Bars we recognize that our services impact upon the environment. We continually look for ways to minimize that impact wherever possible. Our practices are regularly reviewed and communicated to all of our staff. In house training is provided on any necessary aspects.

Our ethos for sustainability is based around the ‘3 Rs’ – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


We work incredibly hard to minimize our waste. Wherever possible we refill our bottles from larger boxes or eco pouches. This also means fewer deliveries to us which helps reduce our carbon footprint.


No single use plastic in sight! Our preferred serving vessels are glass which are easily cleaned between uses. We understand there are events where glass is a health and safety issue, and so we also offer a couple of alternatives –  compostable glassware and Circulayo. Compostable glassware is plant based and you can read more about here

Circulayo are on a mission to reduce single use plastic and create a full circular journey for reusable packaging. Delivering items to customers, collecting and cleaning items once they have been used and then redistributing them for use once more.


For anything it’s not possible to reuse we recycle responsibly. In some cases we even upcycle and repurpose (jam jar glasses anyone?).

We’re conscious of our energy usage too and this extends from our offices to our events. Our bars come with energy efficient LED lighting. Instead of fridges (which may require generators to run) we prefer to use large coolers of ice as a means of chilling drinks.

We work closely with local suppliers wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint in terms of deliveries, which also helps to boost the local economy.

If you’d like to know more about how we’re working to reduce our impact on the environment or to learn more about the services we offer contact us 

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