DIY -vs- Mambo Mobile Bars, The Wedding Edition

There’s so much to plan when you start to think about your wedding day, let’s take the confusion out of the drinks!

There are a variety of drink options when it comes to planning your wedding. But how do you know which one’s right for you? If you’ve never planned a wedding before you might not even know the options, read on to learn more.

Daytime drinks – (Arrival/Welcome/Wedding Breakfast)

DIY – provide your own drinks.

You can choose to supply the drinks for your guests during the daytime, typically this is one or two arrivals drinks (after the ceremony, unless you want glasses under seats), wine for the table and something to toast with.

Things to consider: Who is serving this? If it’s a help yourself station – who’s keeping it topped up? Where’s the ice coming from to keep it chilled? Will your caterer serve your drinks? Will they provide glassware for drinks they’re not providing? Who’s collecting them afterwards?

*Spoiler alert, dry hire Mambo to take care of all of it and have your day run seamlessly*

Wedding packages from Mambo

We offer a wide range of welcome packages to suit all budgets and drink choices. If our current options don’t quite meet requirements it’s always worth asking if a package can be tweaked.  Our offerings can be viewed here .The packages include the staff to prep and serve the drinks (do you want to be chopping fruit for Pimms on the morning of your wedding?), the correct glassware required and ice/garnishes/water jugs for tables/ice buckets etc.

Evening bar options

Cash bar

In this set up guests pay for their own drinks and Mambo provide everything. Staff levels are based on your guest numbers to ensure smooth service. Various bar styles are available depending on your guest numbers/venue suitability. The bar is fully stocked with bottled beer/ales (as standard, kegs are also available), wine, prosecco, spirits & mixers, soft drinks and of course cocktails. Cocktails are chosen by each couple from our extensive menu. Each winter we offer tasting sessions in our HQ to help you decide which ones to have!

Free bar

If you’d prefer to pay for all of your guests drinks then there are a couple of options to explore here. You can hire Mambo as a dry hire package. You source the alcohol and we will provide the bar, the glassware, the staff, the ice and the expertise to serve your chosen drinks. Alternatively you can invest in one of our all inclusive packages for the evening and leave Mambo to provide everything. Ticking another thing off the to do list.

options for wedding drinks

Design your
dream bar

Your bar, your choice. Design a bespoke bar for your event - from the lighting colour to a custom logo - and get exactly the look you desire.