Cocktail Trends – the 2022 edit

Cocktail Trends change yearly, so what are we expecting to serve up this year?

After the unsettling feelings the last 2 years have created, it is clear to see people’s attitudes to drinking have changed. The cocktail trends becoming apparent for 2022 definitely reflect this,

The classics are making a comeback – the menus we are designing for this years upcoming events make that crystal clear. The over complicated, fruity, sweet drinks of previous years are being replaced by the simple serves of bygone eras. These drinks are easily replicated at home and perhaps bring comfort of simpler times to many of us. Expect to see more Old Fashioned, Margaritas and Aperol Spritz being offered.

Tequila – a personal favourite of mine and I’m excited to see what happens to the Tequila market in the UK. No longer condemned to shots only, it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways – as explored here, no doubt the return to retro drinks has helped the rise but even Mezcal (typically harder to sell due to it’s properties) is predicted to enjoy it’s moment of fame in the near future.

Premium Spirits – we’ve spent much of the last 2 years drinking at home and free pouring giant measures. Now consumers are starting to spend more on premium brands. It stands to reason that once a cocktail is stripped back and the spirit flavours matter that it is important to buy quality over quantity.

Mocktails – for many people lockdowns caused a change in their drinking habits. People are increasing the mocktail options on their menus. Suitable for those who don’t want to drink. Those who can’t drink, designated drivers, even children (watch the syrup content!). Everyone can feel included with a drink that looks a lot nicer than a pint of lemonade in their hand.

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cocktail trends 2022

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