Cocktail Mobile Bar – Your guide to Mambo’s selection

Cocktail Mobile Bar Hire – where do you start?

By reading this guide of course! If you need a cocktail mobile bar (or a non cocktail mobile bar, we don’t mind what it serves!) for your event there’s lots of things to consider.

What’s the event for? Is there a theme? How many guests are you expecting? What does your menu look like? Is the bar going inside or out? Do you have space for a back bar? Are fridges required?

The good news is we can help with all of these considerations and guide you based on our years of experience to ensure you get the perfect bar for your event. This guide goes back to basics and looks at each of our most popular bar options in turn.


 The Rustic Wooden Bar

rustic wooden bar hire wedding

Rustic Wooden Bar

Our rustic wooden bars come in 1.2m lengths and are constructed from reclaimed scaffolding planks so each bar is different. These bars are very popular for tipis as they compliment the aesthetic beautifully and can be dressed with festoon lights/flowers on the bar (leaving your bartenders enough room to work!) for visual interest. We recommend one of these bars per 50 guests and can accommodate a run of up to 4.8m (depending on availability on your day). These bars also look great as tiki bars, bars for garden parties and anywhere else requiring a Nordic-esque vibe. The bars come with one shelf for working on which leaves plenty of storage space underneath them.


The LED Bar

LED straight bars

LED bars are available in straight runs (1,2m sections, 2 available)  They can be combined to create longer straight runs,. The bars LED lights can be changed to a variety of colours to suit a venue and we recommend positioning them in the darkest corner for maximum impact. In daylight they are not nearly as impactful. The staight LED bars have an integrated prep station which is perfect for storing cocktail garnishes and makes the bartenders job easier. These bars are suitable for groups of up to 100 people.


The Vintage Twist Cocktail Mobile Bar

cocktail bar vintage twist

Vintage Twist

The vintage twist cocktail bar consists of antique British steamer trunks and a wooden bar top. It’s eclectic style makes it both a bar and a conversation piece. It looks stunning in both tipis and more traditional buildings. Perfect for vintage events such as tea parties and weddings, it can be configured in various sizes to suit your guest numbers. Combine with our vintage standard lamps to give some ambient lighting.





The Portabar. The best cocktail mobile bar there is to hire. This bar combines both beauty and function and has been designed to work as well as a traditional static bar with the inclusion of sinks, speed rails, ice wells and glass storage. This bar packs into flight cases and is built on site, available in a range of shapes and sizes this bar can be used to serve 20 guests or 500. As standard the finish is metallic gold and the LED under bar lighting can be chosen to suit the event. It also features task lighting for your bartenders. The magnetic frontals are fully customizable meaning the possibilities for designs of this bar are endless. You can design your own portabar here or seek out inspiration here


Still looking for your perfect cocktail mobile bar?

We have other options available, which you can view on our bars page. Having trouble imagining your preferred bar in a space? It’s always worth checking if we have photos showing a similar set up.

Contact us and lets start planning your cocktail mobile bar for your event today.


Cocktail Mobile Bar The Portabar
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