A branded Corporate bar for BlueCore

Branded  mobile bar service for events is an excellent way to help your business stand out from the crowd, particularly at exhibitions and trade shows like we have done for BlueCore. Lots of different brands and businesses have been turning to branded bars for events as they typically offer a better and more fun option than a normal bar.

Mambo also loves a challenge and when we get asked to put together a mobile bar service for a corporate event such as this for 600 workforce we strive and give our best to create our client vision, we asked about their specific requirements. the LED bars are usually are perfect to make the brand shine and create a lot of awareness and wow factor, in fact it was so popular it ended up attracting custom from other stands!


Mambo use the branded mobile LED bars for BlueCore at the amazing venue in London called The Brewery and it was a real success, sure to be repeated in years to come by the same client and many more that will want to add the same wow factor for their staff, clients and future prospects!

In the past years we have supported lots of brands with our branded mobile bars for events, we have done bars for Mini UK, Ducati Nottingham, Badoo in London, Adobe London and many more!

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Branded corporate mobile bar service

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