Birthday party mobile cocktail bar and bartender hire

Surely you have one a year like everybody else, don’t you?

I think this is the year to organise a crazy party, don’t you?

Let me tell you what we can do for you.

Mambo birthday party mobile cocktail bar and bartender hire includes:

  • Fully equipped and stylish cocktail bar vintage or modern.
  • Professional Cocktail bartenders with added fun and general craziness.
  • Everything a cocktail party needs – quality spirits, fun glassware, ice, fruit and everything between pink flamingo and grandpa sherry – all supplied by us. All of it. Yes.
  • A bespoke cocktail menu.
  • All inclusive package starts from £25 per person with 3 drinks per person.
  • Otherwise if you prefer we can do hire only bespoke packages.

Mambo offers some fantastic birthday party mobile cocktail bar and bartender hire ideas for those turning 18 or 21, 50, 99, all birthdays matter, which will help create a party that none of your friends and family will ever forget. Our idea for birthday parties is designed around offering you a fully professional cocktail bar at your party to shake up some awesome drinks and entertainment– something that will add a sparkle to any big occasion. We provide a specially designed mobile cocktail bar, modern or vintage style, professionally trained cocktail bartenders, elegant cocktail glassware, funky garnishes, ice and everything else you would expect to find at a premium cocktail bar service. We have created a bespoke cocktail menu, however we are also happy to design bespoke cocktails for your special birthday party. Mambo offers a unique birthday party mobile cocktail bar and bartender hire service.

Mambo also offers birthday party mobile bar and bartender hire services in Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, London and throughout the Midlands and the rest of UK.

Get in touch today to book your birthday party mobile cocktail bar and bartender hire.

Happy Shaking

Mambo Team

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