Bar Team Attributes

The attributes you need from your bar team

Organising an event can be a complicated task. Until it’s over you can’t evaluate whether it was a success or not. This can be a worry for many people. Let us allay your fears surrounding the management of the bar by explaining a little about our mixologists and their attributes.

All of our team members are hand selected for each event. Any new bartenders we add to the team have accompanied us on previous events to ensure they measure up to the high standards we pride ourselves on.

Everyone is from a hospitality background. Most of our staff have management experience from busy venues so you can rest assured that your drinks are in good hands.

As well as management experience we choose our mixologists because they:

~Are as cool as the cucumbers in your English Garden. They all have the ability to stay calm and collected whatever the event may throw at them. There’s so many variables within an event with a mobile bar.  Between customers, other companies, the environment, ingredients and cocktail equipment there’s a lot going on at any one time.

~Have epic people skills. There will always be a variety of personalities to serve at the bar and the ability to connect with each different type of person is invaluable. Our team are great at reading the room and recognizing who needs what from them. People often comment at weddings that we felt like part of the family and not an outside company.

~Have the ability to remember multiple drink orders, not to mention all those cocktail recipes stashed away inside their brains. No one wants to repeat themselves when they just want to get a round of drinks in and head back to their friends.

~Are accurate. Correctly remembering those drinks orders we talked about above, not to mention free pouring the spirits into your cocktails with spot on accuracy. Customer satisfaction is important to us. Accuracy is important to us.

~ Compliment each other within their teams. Our mixologists work together all over the country. We know each other. We’re friends as well as workmates and that shows behind the bar.

~Make the best cocktails, Naturally.


If you’re still not sure we recommend that you check out our reviews on our social media, and if you think sampling the drinks in advance may help then head to the shop and treat yourself!

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