It’s getting colder, pimp your drink to warm up!

Buongiorno fellow readers, Mambo Mobile cocktail bar hire hope you are well. The winter inevitable explosion is here. It’s time to cage the white spirits, find them a comfy place, they are going to be in there a while!
It’s time for darker spirits, darker beers, wines, and so on, days are darker and so should be the spirits., there you have, 6 & 3/4 awesome winter cocktail ideas.

Winter is the new black!

The light goes down, but not the flavour, that one goes up, big time!
Follow this 19 points to pimp your favourite beverage, and if yours is not listed, get in touch here and I will pimp it right away!

  • MOJITO // Rum, mint, lime, sugar, soda // Most popular cocktail for Mambo Mobile bar hire by far, and I am not surprised as it is simple but gorgeous drink, have a look at Mambo own Mojito recipe…  PIMP IT // substitute the white rum for a darker kind, a 7 year old like Havana Club is perfect, or a spicy rum like Kraken or Sailor Jerry, spicy it up also with ginger beer instead than soda, and why not a slice of orange to complement the lime, and why not, a generous dash of Angostura bitters.
  • COSMOPOLITAN // Lemon vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, lime // no.1 ladies weapon of choice for any cocktail party. PIMP IT // why not try the Mambo no.1, and if you like to go darker use Amaretto Di Saronno instead than triple sec to give that Christmas nutty flavour, and also subsitute the Vanilla Vodka for Orange vodka and there you go, winter full on, sprinkle cinnamon on the rim and you are set to a beautiful drink.
  •  PINA COLADA // Rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice // we are never going to get rid of this one, there will always be someone ordering one. PIMP IT // swap the rum for a darker one, and add some chocolate sauce, yum!
  • CAIPIRNHA // Cachacha, lime, sugar // one of the most underrated cocktails, I love so much Cachaca, and if you don’t know what I am talking about, is time that you do. PIMP IT // I love it with pimped up with butternut squash puree and caramel syrup, I promise you, your taste buds will clap.
  • LONG ISLAND ICED TEA // Rum, Tequila, gin, vodka, triple sec, lemon, sugar, coke // also very popular and quite alcoholic. PIMP IT // all the spirits in it are white, so get one of them aged, Tequila or rum, and top it up with ginger ale, or a dark beer for extra strength and flavour or why not a sweet sparkling celebratory wine.
  • SMOKING GODFATHER // smoky whisky, amaretto, bitters // this is already pimped, it tastes like sweet smoky almonds, absolutely delicious
  • GINGER BEER // Ginger root, lime, brown sugar // my favourite drink during the cold months, event without any alcohol has got that awesome zing in it PIMP IT // make it fresh if you can, get in touch if you want the exact recipe, is dead easy, it is a matter of boiling up the root with sugar and adding lime juice, love to drink it nibbling on some crunchy bacon… mmmmmhhhh…

If you like this post shake it. If you like it a lot share it. If you want to know how to do this recipe step by step, give us a shout, I might even send you the shopping list.

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