5 steps to ensure your office party is a hit!

Whether your office party it’s for summer team building, Christmas office party or the celebration of your company achieving a big target, having an office party can be a great way to lift everybody morale by rewarding your team and strengthening working relationships.

However, while it sounds like a good idea, the actual execution is a bit more tricky, with too many parties failing to be a hit, with cheap catering, warm drinks and unsuitable staff, leaving your team with a bitter taste

So, how do you ensure the party you host is a hit, something legendary that will keep your staff happy and talking for a long time to come?

Here 5 steps for an epic one:


First of all you don’t want people to leave hungry, otherwise what kind of party that would be? Not talking bowls of crisps and or frozen pizza. Show your office staff you care and make sure you pack the tables with chocolate brownie bites, Thomas the Caterer does the best ones, or  beautiful home made tasting canapes, like chips rolled in a steak slice with horseradish and bowls of more-ish fresh creative food.

When you have awesome food of course also helps line stomach – a wise idea at staff events, especially if you want people talking about it for all the right reasons, them simply add some Mambo kick ass cocktails and service!


Give your employees a chance to chill as a reward for their hard work and good results, a theme party will just raise enthusiasm and make it more interesting and fun for everybody. Once you chosen a theme you can ask your staff to dress up or dress funny, and don’t forget to get a lot of props. A big hit with your colleagues would be also to book a themed live music band and maybe some actors to impersonate characters and give that extra wow factor.


The venue is very important, you have to think first of all how many people you expect to come and plan accordingly and if you can you can also consider the location to go hand in hand with the them you have chosen.

Another very important point is to make sure you chose a venue that is not too big or or it will look empty, or too small and it will over crowd, get too hot, make sure to book the right one and will feel a good atmosphere.


Party games aren’t just for children – they can be mega fun, honest! If you are a small, tight-knit team this will come naturally, but if you are a larger, more organic network, a staff party can be an awkward event without any form of ice-breakers. And we are good at breaking the ice 😉

Encourage a bout of activities or team games. Even if staff initially turn their noses up at playing ‘party games’ it’s amazing how quickly enthusiasm comes once the games begin!


As with all things, the key to a successful office party is planning and preparation, but when you have many other tasks to juggle this can become stressful. It therefore, makes lots of sense to make things as easy as possible for yourself. Mambo Mobile Bars can provide bespoke packages to your specific needs, sometimes with only 24 hours’ notice.

We have done it, even in a pool!

Let’s chat, call me on 08450563953 or hello@mambomobilebars.co.uk


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